ESI Phone Systems Charlotte NC

ESI Phone Systems Charlotte NC

ESI is an industry-leading manufacturer of innovative communications servers, software and products for businesses. It offers its award-winning all-in-one phone systems for nearly every size of business from 2 to 1,000 extensions.

ESI business telephone systems brings innovation to any clients work environment; with standard features such as Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Live call recordings, Spoken “verbal” Help with just the press of the Help Key!


ESI phone systems charlotte nc

esi phone systems charlotte nc

ESI business telephone systems bring the best of both worlds without locking your business into either technology–VoIP or Digital telephone systems. Each ESI telephone system can be equipped with all IP telephones or all digital telephones or a mixture of both; thus allowing our clients the flexibility that meets both their needs and budget.

Properly configured by DS1 Phone Systems, an ESI Communications Server can handle your heaviest communications needs for your offices in North Carolina or anywhere in the world.  The ESI technology also allows you to connect up to 100 other phone systems together for 1 touch DSS dialing between offices!



There are multiple models, with differing capacities, but all share the features mentioned above, plus:

  • Digital stations, IP stations (including SIP), or any combination thereof
  • T1/PRI support
  • Massive voice message storage
  • Sophisticated voice mail features

Each ESI telephone has a sealed membrane below the keypad to make it virtually spill-proof; making the ESI telephones one of the most reliable telephones in the industry. ESI telephone systems exceptional features and attractive pricing results in tremendous value for businesses of any size.

ESI offers many features that other phone systems haven’t even thought of.  How convenient would it be if you could simply point and click inside of Microsoft Outlook to make a call?  ESI has been offering this for years with their VIP (Visually Integrated Phone) 7 Software!  How would you like to program your own phone and have it customized to your standards? ESI does that too, with a simple drag and drop you can program other extensions, features and 1 touch speed dials all within the software on your desktop to make your phone a more productive tool!    Please watch the following video to see all that the ESI VIP7 can do for you, I promise, you will be amazed!


Wouldn’t it be handy if you could automatically log out of your phone once you left the office?  ESI offers this wonderful feature as well!  ESI Presence Management is a hardware and software solution presence managementincorporating an innovative combination of RF scanning technology and ESI’s business communications systems.

Now even small and medium-sized enterprises can reap the benefits of:

  • Presence indication.
  • ESI’s Personal Call Routing.
  • Access control.
  • Documented tracking of users’ work hours and attendance history.

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Watch this video to see how the Presence Management Module can help you.


ESI Media Management

Harness the power of video and audio recording and make it work for you.  Check out how ESI Media Management gives you insight in to what is happening at your organization and provides you with an amazing risk reduction solution. Available exclusively from ESI, Media Management provides call logging and recording, monitoring via live and recorded video, call detail analysis, data storage and archival, and much more.

ESI phone systems are used by major companies such as:

  • Coca-Cola
  • Hertz
  • Chase Manhattan Bank
  • Best Buy
  • Holiday Inn
  • Century 21 Realtors
  • Blockbuster Video
  • Fleet Bank
  • Office Depot
  • Hampton Inn
  • Advantage Rent-a-Car
  • Farm Bureau Insurance