Hosted Instructions



To access your personal voicemail, simply touch the “message” key on your Yealink phone. It is located on the right side of the phone and it will light up when you have a message waiting.


yealink t27g amber phones

Transfer directly to VOICEMAIL

To transfer a call directly into someones voicemail, use the shortcut code “7”.  While on the call hit “transfer” 7<extension number> and then hit transfer again… for example : to transfer a call to extension 101’s voicemail, hit transfer, 7101, transfer and hang up…



Park – After answering a call, press the “Park 721” button to put the call in a “parking spot” where it can be retrieved from any phone on your system.  This button may also be labeled “Line 1″, ” Hold 1″  or “Park 1” on your phone.  To retrieve the call, simply press the same button, “Park 721” or “Line 1″, ” Hold 1″  or “Park 1” button again and you will be reconnected with your call.



Shortcut Codes:  Use these shortcut codes at any time.

*35<extension number>  –  Extension pickup – Answer a call that is ringing at another extension.

*36  –  Company Wide Pickup – Answer a call that is ringing anywhere in your company.

*37  –  Department Pickup – Answer a call that is ringing anywhere in your department.

*50<extension number>  –  Auto Answer / Intercom

*99 – Transfer a call to your own extension – this will enable the Reach UC app to ring and you can leave your office while talking on the App!


Looking for the voicemail menu?  Please use this menu to help you through the voicemail prompts….  you can also download this in a word document by CLICKING HERE ….


voicemail menu prompts

Looking for the coolest feature on our hosted phone system?  That most certainly has to be our app for installing on your Android or Iphone.  Provided by REACHUC…   This app is very simple to install, just enter your user name and password and it downloads instantly.  Now you can call your customers back using the REACHUC app and it will send out the CALLER ID of your hosted phone system! How cool is that?  No more calling your customers back from your mobile phone and giving that number to everyone….


Here are a few screenshots for the interface on Android and Apple.

reachuc google play


reachuc apple iphone



Download the App in the app store.. type in reachuc  (all one word) .. once downloaded enter the following:


your extension number @ your domain…. example:  101@mycompanyname  password:  your secure 8 character password which includes a number.  If you don’t remember it, simply click on the button beneath the login that says ” forgot password”  then fill in your extension number @your domain and hit ‘SEND” and it will send you an email to reset your password.