Video Tutorials – Voice over IP (VOIP) Charlotte NC

Video #1 – Mobile Smartphone App – Make and Receive calls like you are at your desk phone.  This video details the benefits of using our smartphone app and shows you how to download it to your Apple or Android device.



Video #2  – Sending a Fax through our Internet Fax Portal.


Video #3 – Recording Company Greetings and setting up Office Hours for your business.



Video #4 – Text to Speech – for Company & Personal Greetings



Video #5 – Setting up your Music on Hold.



Video #6 – Call Logs, Listening to Call Recordings and Call Coaching Feature explained.



Video #7 – Call Forward your Company’s Main Phone number to another number is demonstrated in this video.



Video #8 – Call Quality Troubleshooting is demonstrated in this video.



Video #9 – Complete overview of all features of the cloud phone system. 


More Videos coming soon….