Peterson Springs – 

Last month we were contracted by Peterson Springs to assist with building out their new facility in Mooresville, NC.  PAC Racing Springs is the aftermarket and racing manufacturer division of the Peterson Peterson SpringsSpring Company, headquartered in Southfield, Michigan. Peterson Spring manufactures springs, wire forms, spring stampings and coiled retaining rings for automotive, industrial, recreational, appliance, agriculture and lawn/garden markets.

“The opportunity to be situated in the heart of the racing community offers our customers a unique development where we can work directly with engineers to manufacture the suspension products they require,” said Jason Youd, PAC Racing Springs’ manager of business development, in a statement. “Having the suspension spring manufacturing, engineering, and sales onsite will allow for additional support for our customer base worldwide”

Our team installed over 75 Cat6 Cable drops throughout the 32,000 foot facility which also included 6 strand fiber optic cables from the MDF to 2 successive IDF cabinets.  One of these IDF cabinets was installed on a warehouse pole at a height of 16′.  Normally this kind of installation request would be a problem for any cabling company, but we found a way to make it happen and the customer is very pleased!

Welcome to “Race City USA” – Peterson Springs!  Glad to have you!!





Advantage Vision Center –

Dr. Paula Newsome, a well respected Optometrist in Charlotte, was referred to us by another one of our customers in Charlotte.  She said her phone system was no longer working and she needed help right away.  I made a few phone calls and rearranged my schedule so I could meet with her a few hours later.  When I got to her office building I found that the old Nortel system that had served her business well for the last 13 years was now no longer operational.  I alerted her that Nortel filed bankruptcy many years ago and replacing phone systems charlotte - 1the parts may be challenging and most importantly may not come with any kind of warranty.

She asked what type of system I might recommend to replace what she had. I recommended an NEC Digital phone system that would meet the needs of her practice.  She asked me if I could provide a proposal for the NEC system which I did  within a few minutes on my laptop.  She then asked how long would it take before I could get started putting in the new system. I replied, “60 minutes”.  I think she was a little shocked!! LOL.  I returned an hour later and had her receptionist answering calls again in no time.

I always like to stock up on additional phone systems and parts to meet the demands of my customers. You never know when a system will die on a customer and they will need service ASAP!!


JG Blackmon & Associates –

JG Blackmon & Associates is a privately held company focused on delivering Emerson Network Power andstructured cabling greensboro Liebert brand power, cooling and monitoring solutions to protect business-critical systems.

They recently opened a new office space in Raleigh, NC and needed our help with their IT infrastructure cabling.  We provided all cable terminations, labeling and testing and set up their relay rack with POE switches, patch panels and wire management.

Here is the feedback we received, “BTW, David did an excellent job! That is the neatest and most professional cable job I’ve ever seen done at a Blackmon office. Two Thumbs UP!”



Arrochem –

Arrochem is locally operated, family owned business that specializes in industrial and specialty chemical liquid and dry blending capabilities for companies all around the world. They label, produce and package customers products in house and use customer’s label, container, and shipping papers to provide a one stop solution.
Arrochem also manufacturers its own custom industrial cleaning products, including degreasers, stripping and steam cleaning solutions.

We were first contacted by Arrochem because their over head paging system stopped working. They had recently purchased an “online voip phone system” called the AT&T Syn248. When I was first dispatched to the site to assess the paging problem I had discovered that the power supply was failing and could not provide the power to complete an overhead page.  I contacted Valcom (paging manufacturer) to ask which power supply had replaced the one that was now dead before me (this power supply was 18 years old!!). They provided me with the new power supply part number and I installed it the following day.  However, they pointed out that several speakers were still not working. I then replaced the wiring that ran to these speakers and then they started working again.

I was contacted a week later and asked if I could replace the “online voip phone system” as some callers were saying they could not hear them on the other end.  I replaced it with a digital phone system the following week and they reported back to me that all calls were “crystal clear now”!!